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We have years of experience providing customized solar solutions to businesses. Trust our team of experts to design and install the perfect solar power system for your commercial property.

Commercial Solar Services

  • imgIf you are searching for reliable commercial solar service, you can trust Solarboys for all business’s energy needs. We have the experience and knowledge to provide businesses clean, sustainable power through excellent solar system installation services.
  • imgOur team offers full end-to-end commercial solar solutions and complete project management from start to finish. When you hire us to switch to renewable energy, we will ensure that the system installation process is smooth and doesn’t cause any difficulties in your daily operations.

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Get The Benefits Of Commercial Solar Systems

Reduced Operational Costs

Installing a solar power system will significantly cut down the cost of electricity bills of your business, ultimately resulting in lower operational costs.

High Return On Investment

Investing in solar power can help you generate a quick return on your investment as well as long term savings.

Incentives & Tax Credits

Your business can get multiple incentives like direct rebates, loan programs, tax credits and more, installing the solar energy systems in your commercial property.

Why You Should Call Solarboys?

  • imgYears Of Experience
  • imgPremiere Subcontracting Partner
  • imgCreative & Unique Solar Solutions
  • imgAffordable Solar Solutions
  • imgWell Known & Respected In The Industry
Trustworthy Services

Our team consists of the most experienced and well trained solar technicians.

Turnkey Industry Solutions

We have customized solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Innovative Technology

We offer cutting edge solar technology. Our team set the standards for others to follow.

Committed Team

We have a strong commitment to provide quality services to every customer.


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Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Customers Have To Say

We are delighted with our experience hiring them to install a solar system at our home. They showed thorough professionalism from the start till the end. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable solar professionals.

Janet Thompson

House wife


Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Customers Have To Say

Great service! My wife and I had a wonderful experience getting them to install solar panels at our new home. They guided us throughout and got done with the job perfectly just like they promised.

Jonathan Simpson

Senior Accountant


Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Customers Have To Say

I believe they are one of the most reliable company when it comes to solar panel installation. Their services are affordable and highly professional.

Jason Reeds